Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Sweet Goddaughter

We have two amazing grandchildren and also have been blessed with a sweet goddaughter, Audrey Hope. We had lunch at her house last Saturday with her and her mom and dad (that would be Sonja and Edward) and just got to hang out with one of our favorite families for several hours!

Audrey and Poppi Boogyin' to some tunes.

"Raise the Roof!"

Okay, even 18-month-olds get tired. So sweet! She loves Poppi!

What a gift!

I Heart Faces

Hey I am going to try to enter a cell phone picture since sooooo many of my photos recently have been taken on my phone. Here's the link or "button" to their web site.
I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges, Tutorials and Tips

Here's my entry. It was taken on our winter Saturday walk in Forest Park near the Grand Basin with our sweet granddaughter. I just love the way it captures the freshness of her face, her excitement and enthusiasm over every little detail she saw on our walk, and the freshness of a winter walk in the snowy landscape on a sunny afternoon in January

This idea and the website and the beautiful little girl are all compliments of my daughter (-in-law:) Missy from her blog.