Saturday, December 24, 2016


 I had a bad night. My almost forgotten GI symptoms came on like a vengeance around 2 am.
I went back to sleep for a few hours. Then my nerve pain decided that it was time to also make a dramatic reappearance. I got up, did my extension exercises on our newly gifted PT table, (Thank you Bob and Marti!) and stumbled into the predawn living room. I opened a "real" cola...only thing my tummy could handle and sat in the stillness.
Then you said, "I am here. In the stillness, in the alone quiet, in the pain, and the "retched" nausea. I am with you Marsha. I am Immanuel." 
It is Christmas Eve! Always my most favorite day of the year and of this season since I can remember.
The quiet anticipation. 
The sweet imagery of a baby born in a stable to a teenage mother and her scared, yet protective betrothed.
Then I hear you...and this is what I write:
He came in helpless form to be the ultimate helper.
His power was reined in as he took on a frail human body as his own.
So, there was that , restrained power... for a purpose.
His love, however, was of unrestrained power and passion.
His willingness to go, engage in relationship, and know, all those thirty-three years...
His purpose.
Thank you for your invasion into our world and lives. 
Thank you for touching my heart as a girl with the beauty and mystery of Christmas Eve.