Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Sonya Catherine!!!!

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the arrival of our first grandchild! Yes Sonya is 4! We have been so grateful to God for her in all of our lives and her sweet fun personality and curiosity that never ends! She is a delight as a granddaughter, daughter, sister and I am sure as a friend! There's no "boxing her in". She loves Star Wars , the Disney Princesses, The Wizard of Oz, trains of any kind, and a host of other activities and entertainment that is as broad as her imagination. She is creative and her motor skills and language skills are at that point where they are growing in giant leaps. 
Below are some pics from a couple of recent times we enjoyed with her. The Butterfly House was on St. Pat's, "Trader Joe's" Playground and nacho Mama's lunch was a play date that TR was supposed to come on too, but he got sick, and one or two from last week when she and I dyed Easter Eggs. So fun!!

On our way to the Butterfly House on St. Pat's (Oh, we stopped on the way for the traditional Irish lunch of HOT DOGS!!! )

This girl loves her Poppi!

This is what we went for...The Giant Blue Morpho Butterflies. Sonya's favorite color is blue!

Having someone who loves your jokes is so special! I'm talking about Poppi's jokes. 

Such a delight!

 Note the green tongue. Sonya and I had green water for St. Pat's day back at our house:)
A Kiss for the Poppi. She does these spontaneous eruptions of affection to us and we love it. A Sonya quote at one of these times, "You're cute Poppi."

At the playground we dubbed "Trader Joe's Playground, because of it's proximity to the Brentwood Trader Joe's.
"I get by with a little help from my friends."  

One of her favorite things are the "monkey bars".

Slides and Swings are next in line...

Such a gift from God!

 Favorite Game of her's and Teddy's "Chase or be Chased!"

Favorite places to eat are Woofie's (Hot Dogs) or NACHO MAMA'S

Back at our house it was flower-picking time. The girl loves flowers!

Do you even want to know what this is?

Sonya's favorite "Oh My Goodness " concoction!

On the way up to her door, she tripped and skinned her knee. Here she is safe in Mama's arms with a fresh fun bandaid on!

So, last week So and I created many combinations of colors and I have to say, she was so easy to do this little project with. We finished with a quick plastic Easter Egg hunt outside with Poppi several times over.

New grownup haircut complements of Aunt Erin!
Happiest of Birthdays sweet girl!