Thursday, June 5, 2014

The longer I am around the more I realize so many things just do NOT matter.

Missing the traffic light...doesn't matter.

Messing up a NOT the end of the world.

Forgetting why I walked into a room...oh well.

My hair, body, outfit, voice, face does not look (or sound) just perfect and the way I think it one else is noticing, if they are, "Get a LIFE!"

People doing stupid things in traffic...ummm, do I NEVER do stupid things while driving?!?!
(This is SO not worth getting into it with someone over!)

What someone else thinks of me...more often than not they are not thinking of me, but if they do and it's unkind, I have been blest with an abundance of safe, loving people in my life, I can let those others go!

Having the last's exhausting, besides,  I like saying "Hmmm.." and walking away from a convo.

A clean house...sanitary, yes, squeaky clean and always presentable? over that years ago!
Plus I have loads of "cheater" things I do to make it presentable in under 5-10 minutes:)

Winning...WHY is this so important to so many of us? Grace and mercy and love always win!!! Big!!

Then again there are several things I have come to realize really do matter!

Time with those people that I am close to, either in person, face to face, or at least on the phone...NEVER lost time!

Lying about and doing nothing, daydreaming, and looking at the sky, or a baby's foot or sleeping face...priceless and restorative.

Reading good books...THIS is one that social media and "smart" phones have robbed from many of us!

Praying and listening for God's "voice" or direction...never enough time for this one, but we so often SQUEEZE it in!

Responding to that little impulse (Holy Spirit time?) to do something like go visit someone, or talk to that person in the checkout line that looks weary, or send a note to an old friend...or a new one...those are the moments I am sure that if I skip over them (and I have) I will miss out on getting my socks blessed off!

Sleeping...naps are a good thing and going to bed early just because you can and you are tired does not mean you are a nerd!

Doing something for someone "just cuz", especially for someone that cannot pay you back or that even knows you or that it was you that did it for them...this is one I  LOVE!!!!

Returning an unkindness with may never know the impact of this, but the effect on others is stunning.

I am sure there are so many others, but this is a start.
I needed this today, because making mountains out of molehills is something I aspire not to do, yet find myself, at times, doing very proficiently!