Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Happenings This Summer

!. Jessi Graduated from her one year nursing school program and passed her boards and has a job starting soon at the hospital she wanted in the unit she wanted!!!!!

2. I am determined to learn how to "Be still and know that (He) is God.
3. I've been to Des Moines (a first) with my friend, Marti, and we rode some of the amazing bike trails there AND ate at some wonderful restaurants! (I am also determined to not worry so much about what I eat and how I look...don't ask me how I'm doing.)

4. Fred went to the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois SOLO this year. He came home one day early due to sleepless nights in the heat and because of his left side being sore. (Uh...yeah, the first day he went biking after being released by his physical therapist for his back, he hit a patch of mud on a turn and wiped out again! Very sore side and ribs, but he's still able to bike and do stuff.)

5. This was my first year during his time away as a solo act, no out of town friends coming to stay over, and I wasn't too shabby, I must say.

6. Took an evening of salsa dance lessons. The owner of the studio said I was doing the samba, that I had too much hip movement...uh, DUH, how does one dance withOUT that?!?!
(Yes that IS a stuffed moose above me, ask Sonya about it...the point is look at my cute, fun top I went dancing in!)

7. Erin interviewed and obtained a position at an Aveda Salon close to their home! Now if they will only let her offer a deep discount to her family members, I can go 10 minutes away to have my color enhanced instead of 30-45 minutes!

8. We started hiring out our lawncutting when Fred's back was out and I think we will continue, at least for this summer. It IS really nice to just have it done and not be all sweaty and try to figure out when to get it all done ourselves!
THEREFORE,  we have more time to go to Cardinal games. For the FIRST time ever we sat in the bleacher seats at a Cards/Cubs game with the Macs. It was a gazillion degrees, but FUN!!!

9. Our sweet friends, the Clowers, moved back to the Chattanooga, TN area and we are a bit lost here in St Louis without them:(

10. We are planning an extended family vacation with all three of our children, their spouses (also our children:), and the grandkids to...COLORADO to see Jess and Kurt and hang out in the mountains in a big house together and according to Sonya...
"We're going to ride horses!" Boy will  we be sore if that's all we do!