Friday, February 3, 2017

Unison yet with Harmony

The Strength and Beauty of Harmony

When a song is sung in unison it is nice, even pretty.
When a song is sung in three part harmony (or more)
It is still one song, one melody, yet... 
so much more powerful and moving.

Each instrument in a band or an orchestra
Lends its own tones and hues
Yet when they are all focused on one outcome
It is breathtaking

When we as people grow in our awareness that 
Although we all have different backgrounds
We can still each contribute to this song of life
And the richness and depth of our lives and others'...

Will be magnified, deepened and better because of it.
In unison of heart, we are stronger and more beautiful
When each unique voice lends itself to the whole
And God writes his masterpiece through that unity and harmony
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