Friday, March 25, 2016

Never ending...Regeneration!


I was writing in my thanksgiving journal this morning and thanking God for the ongoing resurrection gift of life through the seasons, generations, sunsets, sunrises, and all of creation's continual growth and expansion.

I am becoming more and more aware of how nothing ends except something new begins.
I was encouraged by the thought that every winter, life is busy preparing to burst forth again in the spring, no matter how bitter and dark the winter. Especially as I  looked out on my early spring flowers covered in a late dump of snow last week standing strong and tall after the melt!

I am ecstatic that when we leave this earth our offspring will be continuing our legacy and if not our offspring our art, or relationships, or whatever we have contributed to this side of eternity. All of it is a memory imprint, of us, on this world.

I have a hard time...okay, I'm obsessive about not missing sunsets and sunrises! I feel a melancholy settling in my spirit as twilight glows and then fades. It's hard not to sigh. I feel a peaceful energy if I see the first whispers of a morning glow and watch the sun's promise erupt across the skies for quite a while before it actually rises. Daylight is returning again.

Are we so vain as to think that we can end this world by our interference and neglect?
We can damage it and tilt things horribly.
We have a responsibility to treat all of creation with respect and honor life.
However, we are no more capable of sustaining the life flow than we are of creating it.
The very ongoing adapting, evolving process of this world and the universe attests to God's creative, redemptive power.

I love that God left his memory imprint on this world. 
I am reminded of his promise to always exist and to always be present every time I witness these events and realize that death is not the end. Life originally spoken into existence by him regenerates. 
The end is the beginning!

His death on the cross was not the end.
His burial in someone else's tomb was not the end.
The empty tomb always reminds us that it was the beginning.

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