Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dolphins and More...

So every time we go to the ocean I try not to obsess about getting a great picture of a dolphin. Apart from going out on a boat where they guarantee you will get to see them up close and personal and I am surely guaranteed to heave ho due to the rolling and pitching of the boat I have to try to capture them from the shoreline. I have had amazing experiences with dolphins. I've swam with them, I've had one accompany me for a good half my morning beach walk, and other such close encounters. I just never have my camera with me when such things happen. Hence the propensity to obsess.
So here's a few I DID manage to get this year from our deck with a 200 mm zoom lens.

This was a sweet family that were here for the weekend and Monday was their son's ninth birthday.
When Fred and I first saw this shadow approaching them out swimming past the sand bar we froze and then I started shooting away with my camera thrilled that it was a dolphin and not a shark. The mom and dad didn't see it at this point, just their son!

And away he goes!

These were some random shots of beach and ocean wildlife!

I love this one!

And this one...

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