Friday, October 1, 2010

My First Blogger List: Pet Peeves

I am the queen of lists.
Just ask my family. And our past sitters. And anyone I did ministry or worked with.
Heck! Ask Fred! Although I am getting better. I don't add things into my list that weren't originally on it quite as often! You know you do this too if you even remotely have performance motivation issues!
I'm going to try to do a Thanksgiving List once a week and name one thing I am thankful about and a list of "whys" and reasons that I am thankful for it.

However THIS list is a list of  Pet Peeves:

1. People who do not use their turn signals
2. When I say "Thank you" to a fast food drive-thru window attendant and they act like they're doing ME a favor by taking my money and doing their job and never even acknowledge my presence.
3. People who do not trim back their shrubs and trees that overhang the streets and sidewalks that I walk on.
4. People who say that "his barks worse than his bite" as their dog lunges at me on my walk and they struggle to hold him or her back with the leash.
5. People who drive too close to me when I am walking. (There! Got all the walking ones out!)
6. When I love, love something whether a grocery item or a clothing or beauty product item or whatever and they discontinue it, stop stocking it, or replace it with a "new and improved" version.
7. Being put on hold and being made to jump through hoops in a voice menu.
8. talking to someone who is either answering their phone, checking their phone, or getting ready to and then using their phone, but never says "Excuse me" or " I'm sorry I do need to take this". Just hold up a sign that says "You are not my priority right now, but when I'm talking to someone else in person, I'll be sure to call or text you."
9. The way so many products are encased in plastic so that you have to use a sharp object to get it open at the risk of impaling yourself with the sharp object or the jagged edges of the plastic you've just attempted to cut open.
10. Why would there be some clothing items that merchandisers decide to make in "petite" but not in "tall"? So, I guess this pet peeve is "height bias".
11. Talking to someone who I can tell is already thinking of and formulating their response and not really paying attention to (the rest of) what I am saying. (I KNOW I have done this and THAT'S a pet peeve as well!)
12. Waiting in  a checkout line forever  and then another checker opens up just after I've placed the last item from my cart onto the little conveyor belt.
I am guessing there are plenty of you that have your own pet peeves and would love for you to share them with the rest of us if you want.

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