Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thanksgiving List

So, I will name one thing or perhaps a person and list all the reasons I am thankful for it or them.

This week it is fall weather.
1. I love the brilliant, clear blue skies this time of year.
2. I love the lower humidity.
3. I love the smells in the air. Drying leaves, backyard fire-pits and wood stove smoke.
4. The start of wearing sweaters, jackets and boots, and sometimes hats.
5. Waking up to a chill in the air, bundling up in a robe, and really relishing that morning cup of java!
6. Chili, apples, and baking.
7. Walking, biking, and hiking in the lower air temps and humidity. I can breathe!!
8. It's still warm enough many days to wear flip flops, but cool enough to wear a robe in the morning and a sweatshirt in the evening.
9. Knowing that this is the time before all the holiday rush and a chance to catch your breath allowing you to mentally prepare for the holiday season.
10. The way the cool/warm days and chilly nights and morns ease you into the coming winter weather.
11. The hope that those plants that will shortly be dormant, "going to sleep" for the winter are dropping seeds and preparing to rest so that next spring new life will issue forth after a long winter.

So there's my list. I welcome any comments.

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