Monday, January 16, 2012

Sick of being SICK!!!!

Hallelujah!! I am back!!!
Man! I had the sinus bug that has evidently been going around and ever since the Thursday before New Year's Day I have been pretty much out of it.
Last week the doc started me on antibiotics, the 3-day one, and finally today for the first time I almost feel "normal" whatever that is.
I lived for three weeks on the couch in front of the television, reading soooo many books on my Kindle, on Facebook, playing Words With Friends (and getting very aggravated that the rest of you wouldn't play immediately after my turn :), and letting my amazing hunk of a husband prepare all our meals. He rocks!!!
Now, his meals were so delicious, I'm sure, but the sad part was that until today I had hardly any ability to taste anything and very little appetite.

I'd like to think that I learned something over this recuperation period.

So let's see:
1. I complain about how I feel way too much!
2. Fred doesn't let that behavior get to him...I would however!
3. One of the good things about technology is that while I was on "vocal rest" as per doctor's orders, I could still stay in touch with everyone via text, email, and Facebook.
4. I have a long way to go in my learning process of how to just rest and lean into these times instead of resisting it and probably drawing out the healing process a lot longer!
5. Being still is still a struggle for me, but I did get some sweet times with God during all those days, as well as days of wrestling with Him.
6. When I feel bad I am not a very graceful person, but THIS TIME, I didn't snap at Fred. Instead I was so very grateful to him and God for his sweet, servant's heart towards me that his deposits in my heart bank are overflowing and I responded appropriately instead of like a b_ _ ch!
7. My voice is a gift and to trash it by singing when so sick (church New Year's Day) is not good stewardship. I learned that it takes much longer to get it back after staining it like that and that permanent damage is possible. (Adele- vocal chord hemorrhage)
8. I don't take my good health for granted ever, but I also don't always care for it as I should.
9. I have one of the best doctors around!!! Love him!
10. God has slowed me down YET AGAIN to be still and know Him!!!  This alone is worth the illness!

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