Thursday, January 5, 2012

Was it a good year or a bad year or just a year?

I'm back! Hopefully a little more regularly than I have been for a bit, but that remains to be seen.
2011 is put away and 2012 is now in style.
I wanted to list the highlights of the past annum with pictures following below.


1. Erin and Matt got pregnant, baby due in early May 2012!!
2. FW Lang Contracting has stayed in business despite the economy and the downturn in the building trades.
3. The Cardinals won the World Series after having been written off!
4. Fred and I were able to go to Hawaii (Maui) to whale watch last February.
5. Jessi graduated from the one year BSN program at Regis in May AND got the job she wanted WHERE she wanted it!!! I am so proud of her!
6. The entire family went on a one week vacation to Grand Lake, Colorado this summer and stayed in a beautiful, large home in the mountains...and all got along and loved it!! :)
7. July marked the one year anniversary of my mom's home going to be with the Lord.
8. We got to go to Colorado twice in the year to see Jessi and Kurt and they came here twice and Jessi three times!
9. Fred and I also got to use a "leftover" week in Florida at our favorite condo on Blue Mountain Beach in September and the weather was spectacular!! Very reasonable trip!!
10. We got to stop on the way home from Florida for a couple of days to spend time with our sweet friends, the Clowers, who moved to Chattanooga, TN in June:( (Highlight/Lowlight:)
11. Thanksgiving we had the entire clan here as Jessi and Kurt got to make it in for one of the two big holidays! It was chaotic and fun!
12. We have finally "landed" in a church home, U City Family Church. We meet at The Tivoli Theater. Fred and I have just started leading worship the first Sunday of the month. It's a sweet group of people and very reflective of Fred's and my vision for the local church. Love them!
13. My first year of mourning my mom (and officially being an orphan) is over!
14. I finished my writing of Fred's and my Lang Family Journey with the Lord thus far. Now looking for photos to put with it and how I want to "publish" it for the kids and their families.
15. Oh, in June we had a little celebration lunch for Fred's parents' 60th wedding anniversary at their home with most of the immediate family present.
16. Christmas, although different this year, was actually one of the sweetest times I remember for a long time. 
17. I am learning two "new languages"...iPhone and MacBook :):) and not doing too bad I must say!
18.  Erin and I started gentle yoga classes and I will continue doing this, hopefully for the rest of my life. I LOVE it!! It's been fun going together with my pregnant daughter! (Thanks Living Social:)
19. Fred and I have been enjoying doing some recording and even have an mp3 of 4 1/2 year old Sonya doing a session with us. She has a gorgeous voice! (And Teddy has great rhythm!)
20. I took 8 bass lessons to motivate me to start practicing more regularly, challenging yet, a much needed kick in the butt. (Thank you again "Living Social"!)
21. Josh, left the company he had worked with for several years, worked briefly for another company and returned to his old job being offered just what he requested! Proud of him too!
22. Erin started a new job in August at an Aveda salon (Fleur de Lis on Chippewa , by Ted Drew's) and is flourishing as a stylist there. I love going there! So proud of her!
23. This year has been a year of God's redemption and healing being poured out on our family in ways too countless to enumerate and in ways that I am not at liberty to fully share, but suffice it to say that God "restored the years (2009-2010 to start with) the locusts have eaten away"!


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