Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crying At the End of A TV Show (Spoiler Warning!)

Just watched the final show in the fourth season of Doc Martin (BBC Show) and I could not believe that I cried and cried at the ending scene!
No! Not because that's all we can watch until Season Five is released onto Amazon Prime, but because of the subject matter.


The Doc's ex girlfriend Louisa has their baby right at the end of the show literally as the character, Doc Martin, the village GP is heading out of town, moving back to London to return to a career in vascular surgery.

The birth scene totally took me by surprise.
I realize that between my (crazy:) love of having birthed all three of our children "naturally" and the fact that our daughter Erin is due within the next few weeks at the latest and has invited me to attend the actual birth...I am an emotional wreck when it comes to anything childbirth!!

I cannot believe that I once again get to first hand be a witness to a miracle of epic proportions.
Thank you Erin and Matt!

At one time I was encouraged to become a prepared childbirth instructor, but I just never got around to it.
Silly me!!!

When my daughter-in-law, Missy, had her second child, Teddy, she invited me to watch the video of the birth a week or so after he was born. I cried during that as well. It was beautiful! Birth is beautiful! She was beautiful!

When our friends Edward and Sonja asked me to photograph the birth of their little one I was honored and thrilled! When it happened all I could do was continue to shoot photos, not pause to reflect or cry. It was so amazing. Like quiet thunder. That is the best analogy I could come up with for a new life slipping into this realm, powerfully and yet with quiet strength and power! I sat in the parking garage afterwards and grinned and cried and called my best friend to share the moment with her.

I am so thankful to God for the amazing opportunities to be present for or watch the births of these babies to some people I love very much. However, I have to wonder at my visceral response anytime I see a birth, even on a television show.

I can only assume that childbirth is one of those times the window into God's miraculous power is opened just a bit...just enough to cause our breath to catch, our heart to skip a beat,  and remind us that He's in charge and is indeed the Creator of life!

Yeah, I think it's one of those times!

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  1. love this and love you mama! I'm excited you get to be a part of the birth!:)-G.B.