Sunday, August 22, 2010

It Takes So Little to Make Me Happy!!

So, we have loved and used our decks on our home like crazy for well over 10 years. The downside of wood decks is that there is some maintenance that needs to be tended to. Yes, even the "no maintenance" composite deck off of our bedroom needs to be deep cleaned from time to time. It's my favorite place to sit outside pre and post heavy bug season and have my coffee and quiet time in the privacy of our backyard and gardens. Very private.
When I moved one of our chairs on the side deck and sat down in it recently and it's one leg broke through some soft wood, we both knew there was no more putting this homeowner's project off!

So this is the back deck. Look at how nasty the composite decking was before Fred rented this toy...a power washer. They're awesome!!

He power washed the deck, the furniture, the siding, the shed, the concrete. Only the rental time agreement kept him from going on and on forever!

For those of you that have been to our house recently, this side deck (below) was so gross!!
Not now! That's the bare, clean cedar planking and it is so good to see it once again. I'll post pictures of it with the fresh stain and sealant tomorrow.

Here's the results of Fred's Labors...

This is what water does on a WATERPROOFED deck!! Yey!

Nice! (And the deck on the back is so pretty too!!!)

Anyway, it takes so little to make me happy and this is one of those little things. Thank you Fred. You rock!

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