Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jessi and Kurt's Brief Trip Home

Jessi and Kurt were able to grab a few days last week to come and spend some time with family and friends and celebrate both their moms' birthdays. Thank you both for your wonderful gift of time and love!
We loved every moment of it and I am tired but happy after seeing them off on their 6 a.m. flight this morning!

They got in on Thursday and we went to lunch then came home and chilled until Kurt's mom and dad came by to get them to go to what turned out to be a "cougar" bar for Beth's Birthday dinner.
They came in afterwards and we all sat around the fire pit in the backyard as the weather was beautiful and had a wonderful rest of the evening talking and laughing sharing memories of when Kurt and Jessi were little.

Matt Rowe stopped in and we shared "birding" stories and he regaled us with his stories and humor. Oh, he and Kurt went to the driving range for a bit. Evidently they are a bit rusty!!
 Gotta love Matt!

Then it was off to dinner Friday evening at The Iron Barley's Patio.
Fun. Awesome. And so sweet for Mama Marsh to have her children surrounding her and the Fred Man.
My girls!

Thank you Fred for an amazing birthday gift...AGAIN!
I DO claim this man as a son-in-law!
The good thing is he is now going to watch the Cards but not care:)
No more investing emotional energy in them.

My Other Daughter...Amazing Woman!

And Pretty...

The best son in the world!

Can you...



My Guys!

So, the food was in general pretty amazing and I did a foodie thing and took pics of everyone's food. Can you tell whose food each of these are? A few are obvious because I couldn't crop them in any closer. (No family members may participate in this contest.)

Hot Smoked Trout and Field Green salad with Barley Relish

Prime Rib! Mmmmm!

Roast Chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Schnitzel and Spaetzle  with green beans.

Seafood Risotto  

Lightly breaded Chicken Breast over ...of course...barley.

Seafood Paella with Saffron Barley

If anyone matches all the correct people with the food they ordered lunch is on me!

Saturday Jessi had a full day of catching up with more friends ( Eileen was here Friday...OY!) and Kurt went to play golf with his dad. We ended the day with a wonderful meal off the grill and Erin came by to eat and hang out and transform Kurt with a stylin' haircut!!! 
I love them and miss them and I know that everyone was so glad to have some time with them on their three day visit to the Lou!

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