Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Month?! It's Been a Month?!!? My Thanksgiving list this week is, Friends:

1. I love the incredible variety of friends my life has been graced with. (Ages, backgrounds, locations, etc.)
2. I love the way they help me keep balance and perspective in my life.
3. I love that they have invited me into their lives for a lifetime or a season.
4. I appreciate their feedback on everything from what to wear or not wear to how to deal with major life issues.
5. The opportunity give and receive that they offer me is so life-giving.
6. Knowing that there is usually at least one person I can talk to when things are overwhelming me.
7. Sharing food, laughter, tears, and history making my life the richer for it.
8. Going on trips with them, such a fun thing and way to more deeply connect! I love that so many of my friends love to take trips together!
9. Being graced with enough friends that at times I do not keep in touch with them all as I should.
10. Having friends that extend grace towards me for my shortcomings such as #9! :)

TO MY FRIENDS: You are a blessing in my life and you are God's love extended to me in the flesh at those times when I need that! Sometimes we need Him to be flesh and bones.
A hug, a smile, a word, or an ear to listen. Thank you!

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