Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Thoughts of the Day- Oct. 20, 2011

I will myself to push the covers off and sit up and pull myself up out of my warm bed. I instantly note how my body warmth stayed in the cocoon I am leaving and my present body temperature is dropping quickly.
It’s still dark out and it’s after six in the morning.
I squint as I come into the kitchen in the lights Fred already has on and smell the coffee he’s just made and accept the freshly poured mug from him full of the rich aromatic warmth swirled with cream.
Pulling my warm sweater more tightly around me, I step outside onto the side deck and the chill air instantly does its job of awakening my senses.
I thought it was still going to be cloudy this morning and I am stunned by what I gaze upon as I lift my eyes skyward!
It’s still plenty dark enough to see a strong scattering of stars and the crescent moon nestled in among them all trying to stay ahead of the imminent sunrise.
The breezes are cold in the forty-degree air, but also clean and crisp and refreshing.
I love that I can see Mars trailing behind the moon just to its east. Way to the west Jupiter is like a beacon or distant lighthouse in the ocean of the retreating night sky. All around them are unnamed stars and multiple constellations, more and more appearing as my eyes adjust.
I am thankful that you got me out of bed this early Lord!
Thank you for waking me and saying, “Look what I’ve left up in the sky for you to rest your eyes and soul upon before the start of another day.”

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