Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ummm Summer's Over?!?!?!

Well, how time flies! I have been so inconstant in this blog that I doubt there's anyone out there even checking in anymore...
I know I don't hardly go to other blogs, but I love it when I know there are folks following mine. So there you have it!
I am going to make a list of Creative (and some not so creative) acts of kindness that either I have done for others or been the recipient of. I started a Pinerest Board with this, but this may be a  better venue...we'll see. Any way, I would love others to share ideas as well so we can inspire one another and encourage and be encouraged as we are challenged to do in God's word.

1. Pay someone's parking meter if it is about to expire or has expired.
2. Smile at the grumpy-looking person
    a. On the street
    b. In the elevator
    c. Who's your checker at the store
    d. The drive-thru attendant
    e. Who's just cut you off or worse in traffic (this takes resolve)
    f. With your voice ( you know what a "voice smile " is) to the telemarketer on the phone
3. Ask a friend or acquaintance how they're REALLY doing when you sense their answer of "Alright" is      not accurate.
4. Pay for the person's order behind you at Starbuck's or wherever...It's such a blessing either doing it or receiving it!!
5. Offer to help that person reaching for an item out of their reach or trying to stoop to reach or pick up something when it's obviously hard for them.
6. Help the mom with the screaming baby/kids get her cart to her car at the grocery store...instead of wishing that baby would settle down or thinking "Why don't they quiet that poor baby down".
7. Bring a spontaneous gift of flowers, an inspiring book, food item, or whatever fits to a new mom, stressed mom, someone who's grieving, or "just because"...better than sunshine and Vitamin D!!!
8. Note the date that a friend lost a relative and on the anniversary of their loved one's death remember to email, call, or send a card that you are thinking of them and their loved one. Also remember to check in on how they are doing when birthdays and holidays arrive, especially the first year!
9. Let the other car go ahead even if you have the right of way at a four way stop. Then be ready to wave and smile in your mirror at the impatient driver honking behind you:)
10. When you feel out of sorts or sad or tired...treat yourself to a walk, sit down and drink a tall glass of ice water, or hot tea, or if time's limited, close your eyes and stretch your arms and legs and breathe need to remember to show small kindnesses to yourself throughout your days as well.

If anyone else has ideas or wants to share a story about this I for one would love it!!! 

Happy Autumn!!!

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  1. When you return library books, leave encouraging post-it notes inside for the next patron to find.

    While raking leaves in your own yard, go ahead and rake your neighbor's yard, too.

    Do a "ding & ditch." Leave flowers, baked goods, or an anonymous gift/note on a neighbor's porch, ring the bell, and run away.