Monday, January 31, 2011

List of 10 Things I Love Then Grow Weary of

Oh human nature is so fascinating. I know that I am not alone in this. I'd love to hear from some of you and see what your list looks like.

1. Snow and winter storms. SO excited, especially before Christmas! Pretty, softening effect. Then about the third or 4th storm come late January or February...BLAH!

2. A new artist or style of music that I get into. I will play them/it to death and then realize I haven't listened or played it for months and months.

3. Hairstyles. When I used to do lots of different styles with my hair, I would LOVE certain new dos and then one morning wake up and think "YUK!" That's probably why I am just letting it grow.

4. Wall colors in my house. These usually take years for me to get tired of, but the initial "WOW!" wanes quicker than my hubbie wants to know.

5. Any trendy type shoes. No explanation needed for any woman reading this!

6. Working in the yard. I am SO ready in Spring and kind of get carried away sometimes planting, mulching, getting inspired with new projects. THEN by late summer the humidity and heat waves and the maintenance is no more fun. I just want it all to disappear.

7. Fall and Spring! I love them until I start having my bi-annual allergy symptoms because of mold and pollen, then  I say bring on a cold snap or get the blooming over with.

8. Restaurants we discover. We burn ourselves out so fast...EXCEPT for Nacho Mama's:)

9. Recipes that are yummy, healthy and easy. I really need to show some restraint on this one, it's just hard when I find something new and we love it.

10. Travelling. I will go, go, go. Short and long trips. With Fred, on my own, with friends. Then I want to just stay at home and not stress over what to pack or the TSA or my schedule.

So there you have it. Anyone else have ideas?

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