Sunday, January 30, 2011


Oh yeah! One week to the day after my last blog I dropped into the recesses of the nasty winter virus making the rounds in St Louis right now. Thank you to whomever gifted me with this! I eat healthy (MOST of the time). I take good supplements and use a Netti Pot and TRY to get enough sleep and exercise and fresh air and sunshine and drink LOTS of water (ask any server at any restaurant I frequent) and yet...
So after the initial three days of the flaming sore throat I of course went to Walgreen's Take Care Clinic to get my throat cultured. If you don't feel yukky before that little procedure it's amazing what depths of yukkiness gagging can put you into. "Sorry, I just want to get a good swab of both sides here."
Anyway, I returned three days later because I felt the trend in my illness was going the wrong direction.
"No, it's just that virus that can last up to fourteen days."
So every morning I wake up from just okay sleep thinking, "Is this the day I'll feel better all day long and finally crawl out of this hole?"
So far the answer has been, "No, but we'll tease you a bit and make you think you're on the road to recovery, then yank the rug out from under you!"
Well on those days I thought that I was feeling better I actually left the house and did some enjoyable things besides lie on the couch, in bed, or in my chair and read, try to sleep, watch movies that I  really don't care about, or drink fluids, pee, and try to keep track of my meds so I don't overdose on Sudafed.

One of my sweet friends called and asked if I wanted to go grab lunch one day and I said yes, yes, yes!!
Then the next day was a "not-good" day.
However Friday I felt better again and thought, "Hey it's in the forties and sunny, I'm going to the Gardens and walking in the sunshine. I forgot my camera in the car and these pictures are from my phone. Yes, I am low enough energy that walking back out to the parking lot to retrieve my camera, which I might add I NEVER leave in the car, was not an option.

The Gardens this time of year hold a different type of beauty. Stark and big. I love the wide open feeling of being there after being cooped up inside.

I completely did not think of taking pictures until after I had been there for over an hour and had already gone over the babbling brooks gurgling through the snow banks and around the lake that was partially frozen and beautiful!

I love how angular, linear, and geometric everything looks this time of year.

I also love the late afternoon light for winter photography, NOT driving West!

And the shadows.

So I left here thinking " I feel great!" But by the time I got home Fred had to cancel the dinner reservations I told him to make for us because all I wanted to do was get comfy and lie around... AGAIN!!!!

I will say though that while I was there I stood on a stepping stone in the middle of a brook near a waterfall with my face towards the sun and felt so loved by God. I just need to be still more often and yet that is so hard for me as I stated in the last post.

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