Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Winter Day With "Nice Princess Belle the Fighter"

Saturday I struggled to get myself together to meet with friends that are getting married and have asked Fred and I to play and sing for their wedding ceremony.
I actually felt pretty good as the morning wore on and we had a productive time with them and it was lots of fun.
We got a call from Josh that they would like to meet us for lunch at Nacho Mama's. We said sure. He also told us that Sonya had some pictures for us and had asked if she could come to our house and spend some time with us. How do you say no to that? Fred promised he would entertain her if I needed to go lie down, and I know he would have, but of course that wasn't going to happen. You only have these young years with your kids and grandkids for such a short time that I wasn't planning on sleeping through any of our time with her.
I have purposed to start sending little letters and cards to Sonya and Teddy when he gets a little older because I know how much I love getting mail, REAL mail, that's not junk or bills! AND I remember how much I loved getting letters and things in the mail from my aunts and Grandma. Well, I sent Sonya some Zoo stationary and told her to draw some pictures on the sheets of paper and those were the pictures she wanted to give to Nonna and Poppi yesterday at Nacho Mama's.

This first drawing is of me, Nonna...

The next one is of four plates which represent their family at sweet!

Well, we left the younger Langs and went to Forest Park to take a walk in the sunshine while we could.

The "Water's Stiff" as Thumper said to Bambi. Sonya was fascinated by the ice and the water.

I don't know, there's something so sweet about a granddaughter and her Grandpa, or Poppi walking hand-in-hand.

Wonder what they're talking about...

Sonya is so full of wide-eyed wonder that I don't ever want her to grow up!

Of course we kept trying to find the dry walkways, but Sonya...well she IS a kid!

Then we went home and started out with Poppi reading two princess books with about a million stories in them!

Then we had fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and milk (eat your heart out Erin), watched some really funny youtube videos of Darth Vadir and Yoda in recording sessions for TomTom GPS directions. Which of course inspired us to watch...The Empire Strikes Back. It's funny, Sonya's daddy at a little younger age than she is now, was scared of this movie, but she embraces it, it's her favorite of the trilogy. We snuggled on the couch together and she asked questions all the way through it and loved it! Then we had homemade chicken noodle soup and then it was time for make believe...Enter "The Nice Princess Belle the Fighter"...

She fought Darth Vadir and the Wikki, Wikki Wtich. Fred and I got to play both of those roles as well as Yodda (that was me with my almost total laryngitis voice), the Beast and Luke Skywalker. This last picture is when she was telling Poppi who was washing dishes and pretending to be Darth Vadir, that,

"No, I'm not Belle. I'm the nice princess Belle the Fighter!"

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