Monday, January 10, 2011

Pictures that should've been with the blog earlier!!

Lets see if I can actually do any photojournalism or not. My online editing program and my cmputer and my card reader are all conspiring to keep these photos out of my blog. So here I go:

 A picture perfect day= Poppi, Nonna, Sonya, and a train display at the Gardens! Followed by a stop at Shaw Coffee.
 Our TR's too cool for words. So here's a picture that's worth 1,000!!
Big girl Sonya with Baby Mary Jane Martin!

My Girl Sonja
My "god-girl" Audrey

Ah the hand of an old friend!! Marti!

Girls just want to have fun! Karen!

A day of sailing ended with the perfect margarita and the perfect pair of girlfriends! Becky and Korf!

Yey for "sistas" weekend! Chrissy!

Then there's MY GUY...

 Makin' music in the Arkansas Mountains. So fine!

Gotta love this parking valet!!!

 A mother's love knows no limits!!!!! What a heritage!!!

Thank you Lord for each and every day and each and every person that you have graced my life with!

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