Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Fred!

I just want to honor the amazing man God gave to me as a husband.
Fred is the most grace-filled and creative and passionate guy I know and yet he's very much "all boy"!
I always have said that I was in love with him before I ever met him and when I did meet him it was like, "Oh, so this is who I've been in love with all this time!!"
He started working on his own as a carpenter-handyman the year I got pregnant with Erin, 1979.
He started from scratch, no start up funds, no seed money or help from family or investors so to speak and even though there have been some very difficult times he hung in there and because of his faith and his integrity, God provided for us, our family and so many others and their families over the course of 32 years! Did I mention that I am proud of him and thankful for his commitment and work ethic?
When I first met him I heard him singing and playing guitar and loved his voice in a way I have never loved anyone else's voice. His voice still moves me and I love it even more. Playing music together and singing together has been like food, water, and air to our relationship. I cannot imagine our lives without that facet in it!
Watching him with our kids through the years and now our grandkids and our goddaughter melts my heart every time!
He has relentlessly pursued my heart over time and throughout our life together and I have to say, I am spoiled and love it! I never take it for granted though, I know that our relationship is a gift from God and I am so thankful that he was born 59 years ago today and God had picked us out for each other before we ever met!
We both used to be drug by our parents to the Maplewood shopping district many Friday nights when we were kids and figured we probably saw each other back then. He said he probably made faces at me. I probably ignored him.
I love going to sleep with him next to me at night and waking with him at my side. I love jumping out and scaring him just to see the surprised look on his face. ( I know, that is so bad. Erin says I have to stop doing that:) I love laughing together and crying together. I am even okay with the arguments as long as we continue to be honest and make up well.
So, I want to end by thanking God for this gift of a man to share two thirds of my life with thus far. He claims he's better because of me. I'd have to say I am more fully alive because of him!

 Happy Birthday Fred!!!!

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