Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Winter Day With Friends 2011


We were supposed to go visit our friends Becky and Michael the first weekend in February, but just like us they had been slammed with yet another snowstorm and Becky had been housebound all week, off work, with her one daughter and grandchild. You can only do so much Dora the Explorer!!! We offered to have them come here if they wanted to get out and they jumped at it. 
Now, you probably wonder "Why are we reading about almost three months ago during late springtime?"
Because I just never got around to blogging about some things I wanted to and now I am. Besides if you want to enjoy the warm (very wet!) spring weather go on outside, but you won't get to see snow in St Louis anywhere except this posting.

We hung out here the first night and just sat around the fire and caught up. After breakfast the next morning we went to ...of course...the Botanical Gardens! Actually it had snowed yet again, but as it was a Saturday we knew the grounds crew would be out in force clearing lots of paths and walkways so off we went.
It really was gorgeous!

And we got lots of exercise and time to hang out together.

Next we headed...where else?...

To our surprise and delight they were taking some of the penguins out for a walkabout and these are the type that live in non-snow areas so they were loving the playtime in the snow!!!
 Here's Becky trying to "not touch" them at the keepers' request!

We couldn't decide if they reminded us of old people or toddlers. Too Cute!!!

 Truly, the keepers had their hands full!!!

 This guy wanted to scale the wall next door to the Penguin House...That would be one of the bear pits! 

Then they all wanted to do it! 

Slowly they were deterred from such an ill-fated plan. 

The March of the Penguins back to where they did NOT want to go...inside

FYI: Every Sunday that's under 50 degrees F outside they take some of the residents from the penguin house out for a breath of fresh air. Check it out. They just happened to be taking them out this Saturday as well! Made our day!

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