Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long Overdue List!

My Least Favorite "Have To's" :

10. Housecleaning in general (If I am REAL motivated and into it I can actually, sort of enjoy it...sort of)
9.   Looking into (researching) major purchases (Auto, computer, cell phone)
8.  Figuring out what to take and
7.   packing before a trip =)
6. Starting a new job (Painful, awkward, so NOT an adventure as my mom always said!)
5. Clothes shopping at stores ( I LOVE online free shipping and return shopping and trying things on at home)
4. Putting a swimsuit on for the first time of the season and actually wearing it in public where I know people!
3. Going to social events that are "required" where I don't really know anyone and don't know what to wear.
2. Filling out "required info forms" at doctor's, businesses, online, wherever!
1. Watching what I eat! This is a big "have to" or when I don't I pay a big price :(

There you have it. Any of you have a list of least favorite "have to's"?

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