Monday, June 21, 2010

A Full Sunday

So this was Father's Day 2010:
Got up and had our quiet time.

Went to breakfast with the Clower family to celebrate the day. Sweet!

Came home and got myself together to go to my mom's for "just a bit" :)

Had a short, but intense fight with the father of my children :(
Peeled out of our carport and down our street. Haven't done that for a while and was glad I came to my senses on Edgar Road before I drove past not one, but two police cruisers.

Stopped in at Porters and got some fried chicken to take to my mom to try to get her to eat.
Cried some more.

Got to the residential care facility (that would be the nursing home) .
Cried some more. Called Fred and we talked some. And both apologized.
Cried some more.

Went in and my sister and I got my mom to eat a few bites of the chicken and a few bites of the cole slaw and some Coke, "the real thing".
Talked and watched her drift in and out. She stayed in bed all day and in night gown without makeup as she did both on Thursday and Saturday.

Jessi called from Colorado and her and GMaMa talked for a bit, but GMaMa started sort of falling asleep on the phone. It was a good connection-time for my mom and our sweet girl who I know feels so removed from family and all of this at this time. You are very much here with us and in our hearts and thoughts ALL THE TIME J!

My mom and Erin on Mothers Day this year.

Erin came by for a bit and they talked and hugged and loved on one another.
Erin got teary-eyed, so did I. There is a special connection between those two that is so sweet. I walked her out and stood outside in the St. Louis heat wave and talked for a moment.

Went back in and Fred came by after having spent some time with his folks and he and Vicki, my sis, and my mom and I talked. 

Vicki left and shortly after that Josh and Missy and the kiddos came.
Although my mom really didn't fully engage in all the chaos and activity that ensued once they arrived I noticed her EATING HER DINNER that had been brought in just before they arrived. And I had worried that they might distract her from eating.
She ate more than she had in days, not a lot, but definitely more!
She stayed awake the whole time they were there.

The Lang 4 left after a good visit and the kids got to eat a a large yummy chocolate chip cookie that was part of GMaMa's dinner and I am forever grateful that they came and spent time with her!!! The buzz of life was palpable and the staff could not quit talking about our beautiful grandchildren!  It was like a burst of adrenalin for my mom evidently. God bless Josh and Missy and two extremely active, full-of-life children!

When Fred and I left she was sitting up and acted as if she was going to read her paper.
Another up and down day in the life of Fae and her family! Thank you God for every confusing moment of this wild ride.

Will post photos when I figure out how to get them and get some from my sis that she took yesterday on her camera.

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