Thursday, June 24, 2010


Have I told you to talk about my adopted sisters? For 20 some odd years we've ventured out together on so many adventures and mishaps and had laughs and tears and grown together and I thank God for each of them and their embracing me into their family!!
The Shuler girls (I hope I spelled this right after all these years!!)

Marti, who I have known since we were backyard neighbors and our kids were little.

Then there's Chris and Terri...My older sisters:)

We've taken so many trips to the mountains of Colorado, as well as Arizona, and Arkansas.

Marti and Me looking out over Sedona on the red rocks

Doing one of our favorite things...hiking, or actually resting during a hike.

I LOVE my sistas!!!!

And I love my real-life Sister!!!

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