Friday, June 4, 2010

My Guy

Have I told you how proud I am of my guy? Fred is an amazing man. He's gentle, yet tough, he's creative and artistic, but a hard worker and he has a heart that is giving and kind, but honest.
Years ago when we were thinking of having a second babe he approached me with the idea of starting off on his own in carpentry/home repair. I was not real sure about it and we prayed.
Well, after typical ups and downs of the self employment world and running your own business it has grown and survived (thus far:) many seasons and those aforementioned ups and downs.
I am proud of the work he has done, the employees we have been blest with, and the integrity that permeates this small business. I love how we both have agreed that this is really not OUR company but the Father's.
Thank you Fred for pursuing what at times has been a joy of provision to you and countless others and at times felt like an albatross around your neck! Thanks for letting God provide through this venue all these years for our family and many others, I know this was not always your first love, but your steadfastness and use of your creativity has left its mark on many homes and families.
Poppi Fred!

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