Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Morning @ Nonna and Poppi's

So this was the most painful photo editing I have ever done. My program or my computer or maybe just me kept getting everything ready to download onto our computer and then it all would go away. Third time is the charm!!!
We had the grandbabes here for a few hours yesterday to relieve Kalie and Gracie from childcare duties while Mama and Daddy were out of town.
It was exhausting and fun and chaotic. About the way I remember my life as the mom of our three kids when they were all 5 and under!
I played around with my camera and tried to be brave and try different things and some of it actually paid off.

It was a peaceful morning. And then...

He is soooo active now!!!!

Dress up and making "music".

Belle only seemed to know one note...


The many faces of Teddy

The many faces of Princess Belle

My favorite guy...The Beast (actually I was the Beast in this day's Beauty and the Beast.)

I know I can get this up and runnin', THERE!

Hey!!!  Whattha?!?!

Sweet girl, sweet music in our lives

WATER!!! ICE!!!!

Teddy entertaining himself and being foiled by the rubber band lock!

Boy in a blue tub...sweet!

Getting Tired...

The little welt on Teddy's forehead was from him crawling repeatedly into the guest room closet mirror doors and laughing each time. We don't need toys!!!

A lovely day and they had as much fun as we did...I think.

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