Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Morning, A Blank Canvas

I love how fresh a morning is. The weather (usually), the sunlight, the sounds. I love how the whole day stretches before me untainted by my taking it and messing it up! It's sort of like when the kids were new babies years ago and I thought,"Man, they are so perfect, fresh and pliable and ready to absorb and grow and become...Oh what if we totally mess them up?!"

Well, I didn't ruin them, they're all just "slightly worn", but for the most part I realized at some later point that I was only borrowing them for a while and their real outcome was in Someone Else's hands. Thank God!

That's sort of what a new, fresh day stretching out in front of me is like. If I can just remember to hold loosely to expectations and let God handle those "random" things that pop up throughout the day that can be so disturbing and unsettling, I will look back and think, "Well, this day is almost over and "slightly worn", but it was a gift of time from God and I did the best I could." I may rate it as a "good" day or a "bad" day, but really they're all  a blank canvass waiting for me to start filling them with what designs God gives me to embellish with my own personality and creativity. Sometimes we create masterpieces together, sometimes I try to take over and put my own designs into place and it's a finger-painting type of outcome. Then I just hope I am gifted with one more blank canvas tomorrow.

                                           Photo by Marsha/Dangerous Amateur

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